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Your start to professional poultry lighting

  • Affordable, high-quality lighting
  • Makes the farmer’s life easier
  • Reduces overall farm costs
  • Improved poultry vision, well-being and performances


Improving life through brightness

Are you ready to start with professional poultry lighting? Discover what the PICA has to offer for you.

The PICA is an affordable LED lighting solution that meets HATO quality standards. It is perfect for those who want to start with professional poultry lighting.

This 230V lighting solution can be applied in broiler (floor houses) and laying- hen houses (A-cage systems). It is specially designed to make life better for both farmers and poultry.

For farmers

The PICA helps farmers in multiple ways:

  • It’s a fairly priced product to keep purchasing costs low.
  • Its 100-2% dimmability makes the PICA suitable for all stages of the poultry’s life. The days of purchasing different power bulbs for different life stages are over.
  • Replacement costs are much lower due to a long, problem-free lifetime: the result of the high-quality materials used to make the PICA and its IP67 rating.
  • Thanks to its IP67 rating, the PICA can withstand high-pressure cleaning whilst still lighting the house.
  • Since the PICA contains very energy-efficient LEDs, it significantly reduces energy costs.

As you can imagine, all of this reduces costs while making the farmer’s life easier.

Result: improved farm performance.

For poultry

The PICA is the perfect start to realising a professional light climate for poultry. This helps the birds to see and feel better, so they can eventually perform better:

  • The light spectrum of the PICA is adjusted to the needs of poultry to improve their vision.
  • The PICA can be dimmed smoothly from 100-2% to allow the birds to prepare properly for day and night, resulting in a significant decrease in stress.
  • It is flicker-free to further reduce stress.
  • The PICA provides good light distribution to stimulate desired behaviours, enabling proper use of the system.

All of this makes the poultry see, feel and perform better.

And ultimately, the company achieves better results!