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Dynamic Daylight Simulation

  • Natural daylight simulation: adjustable light spectrum incl. UV-A
  • Increased animal sight, well-being and performances
  • Plug & play for easy installation
  • Improved overall company results


Let’s improve life through natural daylight

Discover how you can take your lighting to a higher level. Have a chat with one of our lighting specialists to learn more about the possibilities that the PULSA DDS has for you.

As you may already know, the light intensity and light spectrum change throughout the day. Natural daylight is dynamic. To enable optimal poultry sight, well-being and performances, it’s of key importance that the daylight is simulated as naturally as possible. The PULSA DDS (Dynamic Daylight Simulation) able to realise this.

Natural daylight

During a full day, the light spectrum changes. In the morning, there is more blue light in the spectrum, whereas more red light starts taking over throughout the day.

Besides that, natural daylight gets more intense throughout the day and less intense towards the night. Instead of turning off the lamps abruptly, it’s better to smoothly dim the lights (reduce the light intensity). In this way, natural daylight is simulated, making the chickens feel more at ease; eventually they will perform better thanks to this.

Improved overall company results.

Just as our ‘normal’ PULSA, the PULDA DDS is easy to install thanks to a plug & play system. The PULSA DDS takes the PULSA to a next level though. It’s even better in simulating natural daylight, thanks to the fact that it is able to provide UV-A light.

Further, the PULSA and the PULSA DDS are similar. They’re both flicker-free, have a good light distribution and are 100-0% dimmable to optimise animal well-being and performances. Their expected average lifetime is 50.000 hours and they are both easy to clean thanks to being IP67.

It’s easy to conclude that the PULSA DDS benefits both farmer and animal.