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The one stop solution for cattle housing

  • Is adapted to the cattle’s needs
  • Is able to optimise cattle vision, and thus it’s well-being and performances
  • Can directly improve cattle well-being and performances


Let’s improve through brightness

The RUDAX comes in multiple variations. Discover what the RUDAX can do for you. Our team is more than happy to tell you more about it.

Product information

Lighting can make a major difference in cattle farming, the RUDAX is a great example of this.

Cattle well-being

Cattle, just like any other type of animals, has its own visible abilities. The light climate should be provided in such a way that their vision is optimised. By optimising cattle vision, it’s well-being and performances will improve accordingly. Deep, flicker-free dimming ensures calm and relaxed animals. Reduce their stress, improve their milk production.

Farmer well-being

Healthy, well-performing cattle surely benefit the farmer.  The highest quality materials ensure a high ROI thanks to the 50.000 hour expeted average lifetime. Energy efficient LED lighting has a positive impact as well; both on farm results and on the environment. High quality LED Lighting makes a significant difference in energy costs whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

RUDAX: a very bright cattle housing solution

  • Voltage: 48 VDC
  • Power consumption: 91W (neutral white) / 30W (blue)
  • Light output: 11500 lumen (neutral white) / 1200 lumen (blue)
  • Dim range: 100-0%
  • Expected average lifetime: 50.000h
  • IP rating: IP67

View the RUDAX short bite videos