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Low ceiling broiler house lighting

  • Especially designed for low ceiling broiler houses
  • Increased poultry vision, well-being & performances
  • Deep dimming without flickering (100% – 0%)
  • Improved overall company results


Let’s improve life through brightness

Start improving straight away! Have a chat with our lighting specialists and discover what the SURNIA can do for you.

To realise an optimal light climate in low ceiling broiler houses all over the world, we developed the SURNIA. This lighting fixture fulfils the needs of broilers to optimise broiler vision, health and performances in multiple ways. Furthermore, it surely benefits overall company results. and optimises both poultry- and farmer well-being in multiple ways.

Broiler well-being

Thanks to its optimal light distribution, the SURNIA is able to improve broiler sight, whilst stimulating desired behaviour. The SURNIA is flicker-free, meaning that it significantly reduces broiler stress. To optimise vision and well-being, it’s important to simulate natural daylight. Thanks to its perfect light spectrum and 100-0% dimming possibilities, the SURNIA is able to do so. Improved performances are a logical result of this.

When broilers see better, they feel and behave better. When they feel and behave better, they’ll perform better.

Overall company results

Higher broiler performances positively impact overall company results; that’s for sure. Besides that, the SURNIA significantly reduces costs, and thus boosts results in several ways. Thanks to its high quality and IP67 rating, the SURNIA is easy to clean and has a long expected average lifetime of 50.000 hours. This comes down to worry-free lighting for almost 6 years. Thanks to its high energy efficiency, the SURNIA also lowers energy costs significantly, compared to other light sources.

Improved broiler performances, lower replacement costs, less down-time and lower energy costs.