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Our extensive cattle research and our decades of experience in livestock lighting since 1974 have led to one very important conclusion; lighting can make a major difference in cattle farming.

From this perspective, we developed the RUDAX.

RUDAX: Cattle Lighting, The HATO Way

The RUDAX was especially developed to improve the lives of both farmers and cattle.

For farmers

For farmers, the RUDAX makes a big difference in several ways:

Easy installation 

Thanks to its smart design, connecting the RUDAX is simple; just plug & play. No more cable cutting, much easier connections. This saves a great amount of time and costs.

Low energy costs 

The RUDAX reduces energy consumption in three ways:

  • It is an LED lighting solution, which means it is highly energy efficient.
  • Thanks to its optimal light distribution, the RUDAX has a light pollution that is close to zero.
  • Since it can be installed lower, the RUDAX needs less energy to provide the right light intensity for cattle.

As a result, it reduces energy costs and the impact on the environment.

Less replacements

Since the RUDAX is a durable high quality product, it has a lifetime of >50,000 hours. This makes it a problem-free long-term lighting solution, and significantly reduces the amount of time and costs associated with replacing broken lamps.

Worry-free for years

The RUDAX is an extremely reliable lighting solution. That’s why it has a warranty period of 8 years. As a result, there’s no need to worry about it for a very long period of time.

Easy cleaning

Since it can be mounted lower, the RUDAX is very easy to clean. Thanks to its IP67 rating, high-pressure cleaning with the lights on isn’t a problem. Cleaning couldn’t be easier!

Improved Farm performance

All of this reduces costs and improves overall farm performance. But… there’s more.

The RUDAX can stimulate cattle well-being and performance. The benefits include more than 8% higher milk yields.


  • Easy plug & play installation
  • High energy efficiency
  • 8 year warranty
  • Improved cattle well-being and performances
  • More than 8% higher milk yields
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For cattle

The RUDAX is the best way to go to optimize the light climate for dairy cattle and young cattle. This has multiple benefits:

Improved cattle vision

The light spectrum of the RUDAX has been adjusted to the spectral needs of cattle. This enables cattle to see better. But there’s more.

Thanks to the optimal light distribution of the RUDAX, dark spots and shadows can be prevented. This improves the vision of cows, and prevents them from being startled or moving in the wrong direction.

Lower stress

The RUDAX is able to dim smoothly and flicker-free from 100-0%. In this way, the cattle can comfortably prepare for day and night instead of being scared by sudden changes in lighting intensities. This keeps the cattle calm and reduces their stress levels.

The optimal light distribution and spectrum of the RUDAX help here as well. Since the cows see better, they experience less stress and feel calmer.

Higher production

By optimizing the light climate, the RUDAX improves cattle vision, well-being and eventually production.

There’s something else that makes the RUDAX special; it can provide blue light. Blue lighting affects the creation of melatonin. By influencing this, production can be further improved.

The result? More than 8% increase in milk yields!

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Improving life through brightness

To wrap things up: the RUDAX is a responsible investment with high yields for the long term. It is specially designed to improve the lives of both farmers and cattle in multiple ways. As a result, it improves overall farm results.

RUDAX: Cattle lighting, The HATO Way!

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