SURNIA: I’m positively surprised!


Nothing is as heartwarming as a satisfied customer. This time we received positive feedback from the north of the Netherlands. A broiler farmer recently replaced his out-of-date fluorescent lighting with our LED lighting and he wanted to share his positive experiences with us.

Since the project concerned a low ceiling house (11,000 broilers), this customer was looking for something special; a lamp that mainly shines horizontally instead of vertically. After doing some research online, he found the SURNIA; this lamp has been specifically developed for low ceiling houses. The customer had the following to say:

“My fluorescent lamps were way past their best so it was time for something else. The house is relatively narrow and the fluorescent lamps were positioned centrally. This caused dark spots at the sides, which led to wet litter. All of this is history now; the light spread is perfect!”

The new SURNIA lamps ensure uniform lighting. They have been suspended in two rows, as the picture shows. When I clean the house, I set the lamps to 100% brightness so I can see everything properly. Dimming is no problem at all for the SURNIA – it dims smoothly to 0% without flickering.

The relatively low purchasing costs were also a nice surprise; the value for money is great! Last but not least, my energy costs have significantly decreased; LED lighting uses much less energy than traditional fluorescent lighting. I’m seriously considering switching to HATO LED lighting in my other houses as well.”

At HATO Agricultural Lighting, we constantly improve our products. Feedback is more than welcome; this motivates us to constantly push our own boundaries. Feel free to share your feedback by contacting our sales department or our agricultural lighting advisor.

We have written a special article on broiler lighting. There are many aspects that should be taken into account to optimise production.

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