SURNIA: “We see that the ducks are calmer”


We love nothing more than receiving positive feedback from our partners! This time we’re taking you to Spain, the Malvasia project in Abejar (Soria) to be precise, where PEIG Ganadera used our SURNIA lighting solution for a newly built duck house.

PEIG Ganadera are a professional company with more than 20 years of experience in the agricultural and livestock sector, who are committed to creating a sustainable future.

They were looking for an innovative lighting solution  to improve animal welfare and performance. As that is also one of the key focus areas at HATO, we knew this would be another great fit and good opportunity to continue building and strengthening our partnership!

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After closely working together with Miguel, one of our Account Managers, they decided the SURNIA would be the best solution for the Malvasia Project.

The SURNIA is a flicker-free lighting solution that offers great uniformity, especially in low ceiling houses. It improves bird sight and overall animal welfare in multiple ways. Exactly what PEIG Ganadera was looking for.

Daniel Sanz Rituerto”, “Agrifood and Rural Engineer”, at “PEIG Ganadera” was more than happy with the results:

“For this new installation we wanted to test the newest technologies to check the results. The lighting has proven to have an important effect on the animals. We see that the ducks are calmer and they have less injuries”

There’s more than lighting though and we’re glad to hear they were happy with our team’s efforts:

We are also very satisfied with the execution by the installer and HATO”

Another success story for all parties involved!

Improving life through brightness

At HATO, we believe that lighting is fundamental for globally responsible livestock farming.

By continuously investing in product innovation, knowledge sharing and cooperation, we aim to be the number one lighting partner in worldwide livestock farming.

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