The 4 key benefits of optimal broiler lighting

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The light climate is an essential part of the overall climate in broiler houses. It is important that the light climate in the broiler house is adjusted to the needs of both the broilers. An optimal light climate enables broilers to see, feel and perform better. Final result: improved farm performances in a responsible way!

Now, what are the 4 key benefits of an optimal light climate in a broiler house?

Uniform and improved growth

Uniform and optimal growth are two of the main goals in a broiler house. Lighting can certainly help in realising this. Lighting is able to decrease bird stress, whilst stimulating feed- and water intake. In this way, the FCR will improve, whilst growth increases.

Uniform growth can be reached by making sure that the conditions are the same throughout the whole system to make sure that the birds are spread uniformly accordingly. Lighting can make a big difference here.

A better Feed Conversion Rate

The FCR of broilers significantly influences overall company results. Lighting can be used to stimulate feed- and water intake. This, combined with lower energy usage due to a decreased amount of stress, will improve the overall feed conversion rate. Higher growth against lower costs; sounds good, right?

Decreased huddling

The intense grouping of broilers; huddling. A common problem in broiler houses. Huddling can lead to higher mortality and wet litter, which results in footpad lesions and breast blisters. To improve broiler well-being and performances, it is important that they are spread uniformly throughout the system. Lighting is a very important tool in realising this.

Less bird stress

The amount of stress that broilers experience has to be kept as low as possible. This to make them feel good and to enable them to perform at their utmost best. Amongst others, broiler stress can lead to higher mortality rates, huddling, high feed conversion rates and more. An optimal light climate significantly decreases the amount of experienced stress by broilers. A positive impact on company performances is a logical result.

Let’s improve together!

As you can see, optimising your light climate can significantly improve animal welfare and company results. Are you aiming for a better feed conversion rate, uniform and higher growth and more? Have a free chat with us to see how we can help you to improve.

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